Survive & Thrive Webinar Archive

The Survive & Thrive Webinar series focuses on survivorship skills and wellness issues for cancer survivors, loved ones and caregivers. This series, presented by Texas Oncology Foundation, provides the latest information on cancer survivorship including nutrition tips, sexuality and cancer, side effects of cancer treatment, and more. Please find below an overview of our previous webinars:

Men's Health

Integrative Oncology Practices: Evidence Based Research & Applications

Yes, IT Matters: Your Sexual Health After Cancer

New Year, New Mindset!

Discovering Hope

Year End Review

Straight From the Kitchen: Tips & Recipes for Healthier Holiday Eating

Caregiver Confessions

Women's Health Panel Discussion

Texas Oncology Medical Panel | Health & Community During a Pandemic

Understanding Lab Work

Avoiding Financial Toxicity

Fall 2020 Programming Update

The Impact of Grief | Compassionate Understanding, Allowing & Preparation

Promoting Sound Sleep & Cognitive Care After Treatment

Finding Opportunities When Facing Adversity as a Cancer Survivor

Laughter Yoga

Supporting Children in Times of Crisis

Guided Meditation

Health & Community After Quarantine

Nutrition Tips to Shelter in Place

The Art of Survival

Stress & Coping During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Nutrition-Related Management of Treatment Side Effects

Grief & Loss

Babies After Cancer

Cancer and the Workplace

Life & Health After Pediatric Cancer

From Touchy to Touching | Straight Talk About the Dying Process

A Celebration of Life | Couples Walking Through Cancer

Let's Talk About IT | Intimacy After Cancer

Fear of Recurrence

Budget Conscious Meal Planning

Managing Cancer Costs

Helping Children and Teens Understand Cancer

Integrative Oncology | Using Supporting Modalities Throughout Your Treatment Journey

Create Your Survivorship Care Plan

Survivorship | Your Story, Your Impact!

Caregiving 101 | This is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Heating IT Up, Without Sizzling Out | Intimacy After Cancer

New Year, New Plan | Navigating the Cost of Your Cancer Treatment

Embracing Your Nutrition This Holiday Season | Dietary Tips for Cancer Survivors